Bob Graham, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Bob Graham delivers engaging, insightful and actionable presentations on a variety of business topics, with his overall focus and intent of each to give its attendees the tools to achieve greater success.

A former journalist and college professor who has helped 100's of businesses achieve greater results, he brings the lessons to life in his on-site and virtual presentations.

His keynote speech, Every Solution to Your Problems Is Hidden Inside You, inspires and motivates people, humorously using his decades-long battle with cancer and his business experience to explain how we all have the answers to EVERY question inside us.



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His keynote address, We Each Have Every Answer We Need Inside Us, uses a combination of personal experience -- including successfully fighting cancer for more than 25 years -- with business situations to deliver a witty and wise presentation sure to inspire and motivate your audience.

“Bob Graham was a great keynoter. He had us standing up and participating in the early morning, and this was with college and university students who usually don’t get up early. He also did a fabulous workshop that even attracted some of our sponsors and vendors who wanted to hear him. He is awesome, he’s personable, he’s approachable, he connected with our group. I’m a fan. He will make your conference successful.”


Kevin Jetton, Vice President and Event Planner

U.S. Information Technology Collegiate Conference

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Graham also presents workshops and training sessions. Among his most popular ones are:

  • Breaking Through Generational Differences -- The workforce is more diverse than it's ever been and its apt to cause friction or worse until we all focus on the common ground, not our differences.

  • Dealing with Difficult Discussions -- Too often we think that sparing someone's feelings is kind. In this engaging, interactive presentation, Graham will help participants understand why open, honest discussions, especially about the difficult issues affecting them and work, will encourage and engage people in powerful, new ways.

  • Going from Manager to Leader -- Managers tell people what to do, and that won't work with today's millennials and Gen Z employees. Collaboration and mentoring are highly valued. In this presentation, Graham will help managers, especially new and first-time managers, see how to shift to being a leader that guides and supports their employees.

  • Embracing the Renegade in You -- Each of us is a Renegade, someone carving our own unique pathway toward success. By embracing our uniqueness and how it can influence how we identify next steps, we can take more decisive action on that pathway.

Other presentations include Communicating More Effectively, 10 Journalist Strategies that Improve Writing, Presenting So People Pay Attention and Improving the Performance Review Process.

Here is what his clients say:

“Bob Graham of Bigger Pie Strategies Solutions provides best-in-class corporate training on a wide variety of relevant and useful topics. Recently, Bob provided a virtual training on "dealing with change" to all of our fin-tech professionals. Feedback was very positive and several employees requested that we engage his services again for future professional development opportunities. Bob is a very engaging person and we look forward to partnering with him again in the near future.”


Noah Wiseman

Head of Human Capital

Fundation, LLC


“Trying to get employees to understand the nuances of communication is one of the most difficult aspects of my job. Libraries aren’t just books anymore. Our interpersonal relationships with our patrons, our stakeholders, our community partners, and our colleagues are what drive our success. Bringing Bob Graham into our employee training day was an important part of my staff development plan. I found Bob through his Serious Soft Skills Podcast. While the tips and tools touched on are invaluable for anyone working in public service, I knew having Bob onsite would really shift our team’s focus on how we communicate internally and externally. Bob was amazing to work with. We set up goals and areas of growth that needed to be tackled by our team, and even identified key staff that would benefit from one on one coaching. This holistic plan is exactly what my library needed. I saw almost immediate results.”


Lesley Mason, MLS, Director

Caldwell County (N.C.) Public Libraries


“Thank you for such a pertinent and timely presentation at our fall meeting.  You had everyone in the room fully engaged and excited to put into process your message.  I received many compliments from our members regarding your talk.”


Chris Castano, Secretary/Treasurer

New England Lumbermen’s Association


“Everyone requested that I engage with you to do a deeper dive into other areas of soft skills.”


Pamela J. Adams, Site Director

Project Management Institute, Annapolis Junction (Md.) Chapter


"Bob Graham's session for the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and our membership was exceptional. Many may assume that soft skills training can simply but administered via a quick 10 min. discussion or a handout, but Bob quickly illustrates how this interpretation of soft skills training is lacking. Bob supports his talks and work with research based approaches and backs up his discussions with literature-based practices. He engages his audience at every turn and creates a truly unique experience for his attendees. We highly recommend organizations book many sessions to glean from the expertise of Bob Graham. We look forward to having him back in the future."


Joshua Marsh, Project Director

Caldwell County (N.C.) Chamber of Commerce 


"Thank you for an educational and quite fun webinar! Today we saw the highest rate of registration vs participation, exceeding 100% in attendance. It is clear that the importance of soft skills in any professional environment is crucial and especially important to those in roles of influence within an organizations of collaborative supply chain. Looking forward to your next event!”


Jennifer Ramey, President

APICS Baltimore Chapter


“Bob, thank you for speaking to our group! You did such a wonderful job. Our members and guests loved your storytelling and presentation. We took away a lot of practical ideas and learned a lot!"


Christina Snyder, President

Women in Insurance and Financial Services, Baltimore Chapter


“I remember sitting through your LinkedIn workshop, thinking so highly of myself back then. Thinking that I didn’t need help finding a job. Well, real world really hit when i graduated. I was literally stocking shelves at Amazon with a BA (& i graduated at the top of my graduating class). Key words on my LinkedIn profile (problem solving/ logistics and insurance/compliance) recommended a position on my LinkedIn profile. I didn’t realize it then, but your workshops were very helpful in getting me where I am today! So THANK YOU!!!”




“America’s Supply Chain Multiple Management Board at McCormick wants to thank you so much for coming to speak to us about soft skills and supply chain. The purpose of the Multiple Management Board (MMB) is to be the cornerstone of leadership and management development. Your session fit right in to our mission and vision and was a true value add to further develop our presentation and communication skills. As you said, technology can only take you so far and you provided us with the tools to bridge that gap.”


Emily Riley, Global Buyer

McCormick & Company

“Loved your motivational talk the other day. I AM TAKING CONTROL OF MY CAREER!”


"I have been reading your book and I have found it very informative. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge."


-- Carlos


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