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Want a 
Bigger Pie?

Business owners and leaders, and even couples who own businesses, struggle to find how to expand better using their time, talent and resources.
I help you move from chaos to control, then growth, then greater freedom for you. 
A bigger pie is awaiting you. Let's chat about how.

Apple Pie
"Bob Graham is like a Swiss Army knife for your business."

-- Brendan McAdams, ExpertScape founder and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at ETC Baltimore

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How We Help Bake a Bigger Pie?

  • Time Management

  • Operations and Training

  • Apprenticeship

  • Exit Strategies

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Building

  • Key Performance Indicator Systems

  • Performance Incentives

  • Employee Acquisition Plans

  • Psychometric Profiling

  • Team Meeting Rhythm

  • Lean Programs

  • Organizational Planning

  • Leadership Development Planning

  • USP & Guarantee

  • Revenue & Profit Budgeting

  • Current Business Planning

  • Break-Even Planning

  • Tactical Marketing

  • Sales Management

  • Cash Gap Planning



My name is Bob Graham

I have been working with business leaders and owners for years to help them better use their time, talent and money to more easily and effectively achieve their goals.

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